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Changes in Routine

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If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’d know I hate mornings.  We’re not talking cutesy Garfield grumpiness, we’re talking it’s-sharp-objects-time distaste for life.  College let me cement a lax schedule in my life, and working from home lets it continue.

Over Christmas break, my sleeping schedule got completely discombobulated, since I had about eleven consecutive days.  For the next week, it was difficult for me to get up before noon, and was getting worse.  Finally a couple weeks ago, a couple naps aligned my sleep schedule in such a way that I was getting up between 5 and 7 am; something I haven’t done since my high school days.

So far, the major difference is how I use my time.  I usually spend the hours between midnight and 4am doing a lot of nothing.  It’s me time, but I’m usually surfing the internet or watching TV.  When I get up early, I eat (something I used to not do as well), relax online for a while, then get to work.  The relaxed pace of the morning has helped me concentrate on my tasks a lot better than before.  This also lets me leave my afternoons open to socialize or work on my own projects, which I’ve been lamenting for quite a while.

However, it’s harder for me to stay up late.  During the week I’ve been going to bed at about midnight or so, but on weekends I rarely get to bed before 4am.  Yes, my social life is just that draining.  I’m worried about flipping schedules again, but I think I’ll be able to maintain it.

I did unintentionally crash from about 5pm til midnight this past Sunday after a particularly draining night and a brunch with friends that didn’t leave me but five hours of sleep.   This is probably also a result of sleeping only about 6 hours a night; and my body wanting to play catch-up.  Either way, I’m going to need to find a balance, what with work and play once again coming into conflict