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Fun With Regexes!

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A gem of a post came across my alma mater’s computer science mailing list: Prime detection using regular expressions. It’s quite a clever hack; what it actually defines is all numbers that are not prime, but the negation of that creates the primes.

It’s that pesky /\1+/ that makes this whole expression work, and it’s what prevents this regex from being a regular expression. Regexes have long since stopped being regular expressions, but it’s a programming language unto itself.

A while back, I did LaTeX parsing in Perl, and used a one-level parser (custom for LaTeX) and a incredible amount of regexes in order so slice and dice this massive corpus of data. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about Parse::RecDescent then, or else I would have put myself out of a job very quickly. But I wonder, can parentheses (a recursive language) be validated as a regular expression language yet? Better yet, is the language itself Turing complete? Perl regexes, at least, have a lot of very extended features, and this will require some unusual digging.